18 most beautiful spring experiences in Savinjska

Nature is waking up and with it a fresh impetus for new experiences. Wondering what to do in Savinjska in the spring months? We have prepared some interesting tips.

1. Archery at Matkov Kot

2. Wake Up the Senses: 5 Senses, 2 Women, 1 Herbal Garden = 5* Experience (Slovenia Unique Experience)

3. Authentic Natural Energy – Logarska for You

4. A Bike Trip Through Alpine Vineyard 

5. Experience nature – Buschcraft Savinjska

6. On the Rapids of Lively Savinja

7. Savinja’s Adrenalin Park

8. Solčava’s Yew

9. To Mozirski gaj a Flower Story 

10. Pozoj’s Trail, a Trail of Castels Around Velenja

11. Relax at the on of the Wellness Center

12. A Walk Around Repos Waterfall

13. Fly Above the Clouds

14. Taste the Traditional Cuisine

15. Underground Adventure at The Coal Museum of Slovenia

16. Explore Logar Velley

17. Visit Stone Age Temple Potočka zijavka

18. Savinja Velley Stories of Wood

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