Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Savinja Beer and Gin Fest

25th June, MOZIRJE

Every year at the fare ground near Mozirski gaj, Savinja Beer Fest takes place. Slovenian micro breweries showcase their craft beers. You will also be able to taste the best Slovenian and foreign craft gins as well as many interesting meat and vegetarian culinary delights. You will also be able to get a local famous non-alcoholic drink, that has been made in Mozirje since 1914.

Family games such as 4 in a Row and Jenga are also avaiable. Every year we add a new interesting family game. 

Come and enjoy a drink with us!


Web page: www.gremonapir.si

Instagram: www.instagram/savinjabeerfest

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Personal hashtag: #SavinjaBF