10 Most Beautiful Sights at Savinjska

Green Savinjska is a real treasure trove of nature and heritage. Filled with numerous natural sights, protected areas and reserves, rich history, diverse cultural heritage, of which the people of Savinjska are especially proud.

What to see in Savinjska? Take a look at the list of the most beautiful natural and cultural pearls.

1. Logarska Valley and Rinka Waterfall

Experience magnificent nature in the magical Logarska valley, a unique alpine beauty that adorns many promotional brochures in Slovenia. On the path through Logarska visit the famous Logar linden tree, the magnificent 90 m high Rinka Waterfall and the immensely beautiful views painted by nature.

2. Snow Cave

Explore the unique underground of the highest tourist cave in Slovenia, Snežna jama cave. The peculiarity of the cave is the coexistence of ice and snow, which is quite rare at an altitude above 1500m. A great idea for summer refreshment, as cave temperatures range between 0 and 4 ° C.

3. Smrekovec

Take a walk toSmrekovec, an extinct volcano, a part of Natura 2000 preservation area extremely rich in flora.

4. Gornji Grad Cathedral

Enter the world of former bishops of Ljubljana and Cathedral built on the land of the former Benedictine monastery. It is known as the biggest Baroque building in Slovenia.

5. Franciscan Monastery and Vrbovec Museum

Immerse yourself in the past of the Nazarje. The Franciscan monastery rises picturesquely above the Vrbovec castle, which also houses a museum of forestry and woodworking. There is also a rich library in the monastery.

Frančiškanski samostan

6. Mozirski gaj 

Color your day with flowers and visit the Mozirski gaj flower park along the lively Savinja River. You will also be impressed by the interesting ethnological heritage and the children’s magic garden.

7. Pranger, a Pillar of Shame

Listen to the old stories of the old Pillar of Shame used to punish criminals of the past.

8. Špančeva zidanica

Treat yourself to an escape into the alpine vineyards. Taste top quality wines and visit Špančeva zidanica, one of the best preserved and oldest vineyard cottages in Slovenia. Have a great experience at Alpine vineyard.

9. Slovenian Coal Mining Museum

Descend 160 m underground and visit the Coal Mining Museum. Great idea for an escape from the summer heat, as temperatures in the depths of the mine are significantly lower.

10. Leather-craft Museum of Slovenia

Take a look at the treasury of Slovenian leather tradition, which is kept alive by the Leather Museum in Šoštanj.

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