6 Reasons for a Romantic Getaway at Savinjska

It’s time to connect with nature! Spend a relaxing holiday in an exceptional alpine environment and forget about worries of everyday life. Take a trip to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, indescribably beautiful landscape parks and indulge in breathtaking views. Let the marvelous nature and the soothing sounds of green Savinja River enchant you. Enjoy exceptional hospitality, delicious cuisine and wellness offer while staying in nature. Welcome to Savinjska!

1. Escape to Savinja Hills and Enjoy the Magnificent Views

Put on your hiking boots and set off on the path to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Head to the idyllic Logarska Valley, above which the majestic two-thousanders rise. Feel the refreshing droplets of the picturesque Rinka Waterfall, which shines in the summer sun in an elegant 90 m high arch. You can also take a walk to the neighboring Robanov Kot Landscape Park, where traffic for motor vehicles is completely forbidden. If you would go easy on your feet take a gondola or a car to Golte (1,400m). From there you can take the Golte Trail, visit Smrekovec Volcano, lounge around the lake and visit the Alpine Garden. You can also go to the popular Raduha and visit the Snow Cave, which is the highest tourist cave in Slovenia (open in the summer months). Are you excited about more demanding ascents? You know what people say, Love moves mountains ;-)

2. Hop on a Bike and Explore Natural Wonders on Solčava Panoramic Road

Solčava Panoramic Road is like experiencing first love. 

Take a bike ride on one of the most beautiful scenic roads in Slovenia that offers breath taking views of Logarska Valley. Treat yourself to a glass of healthy Železna voda and top-quality Zgornjesavinjski Želodec, which is served on tourist farms along the way. Don’t forget the camera, there are many viewpoints that will call to you to capture them in the lens. There are also many other possibilities for cycling trips around the Savinjska!

3. Sooth Your Body and Soul and Book a Luxurious Stay in Nature

Experience the beauty of every moment offered by the magnificent nature in the Savinjska region. Stay in unique accommodation among tree canopies, luxurious beehives, charming glamping tents, architecturally sophisticated hotels or pamper yourself in one of the wellness centers. Treat yourself to an herbal bath, honey massage, yoga, Ayurvedic treatment, private wellness or jacuzzi. Rejuvenate your health and well-being by forgetting about stress and relaxing by listening to the music of plants, walk along sensory paths and fully connect with nature.

4. Take the Time for Fishing and Lounging Around the Green River Savinja

Enjoy the relaxing melody of the Savinja River. Calm green pools with a vibrant underwater world are a great opportunity for fishing. The pebble embankments, along which in places bouncy Savinja slides, are like alpine beaches that invite you to lie down and read books. If you are passionate and like to raise your heart rate, indulge in one of many available water adventuress. Sports agencies organize rafting, kayaking trips and canyoning in the nearby canyons.

5. Fly Into Better Today, Take a Tandem Paragliding Flight

It is true that love sometimes takes away the ground beneath your feet and sometimes it is time for love to be in the air. Let this be your time when you will fall in love with Savinjska from a bird’s eye view. You can go on a safe paragliding flight with an experienced instructor. The take-off points at Golte and above Logarska Valley are perfect for an unforgettable adventure.

6. To Dot the I’S and Cross the T’S Experience the Savinjska Culinary Specialties  

people say that a way to a person’s hear is through their stomach. Enhance the romantic atmosphere with delicious snacks from top Savinjska chefs, who also know how to recommend excellent Slovenian wine. Modern culinary creators in the Savinja Valley spice up traditional recipes with a pinch of innovation and creativity – a real magnet for the palate. Do you prefer traditional flavors then try royal Zgornjesavinjski Želodec, sweet buckwheat or a delicious home-made stew made from home-grown vegetables. Many tourist farms like to set the table full of local delicacies.

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