7 Ideas for Your Autumn Vacation

Experience the autumn in Savinjska! When the autumn colours blanket the Savinjska, it’s time to feel all its shades! While wandering around the Savinjska region, you will be enchanted by the warmth of the golden colours, freshness of the forests, the exceptional cuisine and cultural heritage, which the people of Savinjska proudly show to travelers! Check out 7 autumn experiences in Savinjska and treat yourself to a real break!

1. Toast in autumn in the Alpine vineyard in Šmartno ob Paki

Autumn is the ideal time to taste top quality wines! Accompanied by local delicacies, views from the wine-growing region, create new memories in the hospitable vineyard cottages. Right where the wine is born. Embark on the Šmartno ob Paki Wine Tourist Trail, where you will visit eight interesting points, including the famous Špančeva zidanica, one of the oldest vineyard cottages in Slovenia.

2. Take a Walk Through a Landscape Park

Man and nature in Savinjska create an exceptional coexistence. Protected landscape parks are a magnet for all lovers of nature and cultural heritage. Visit the Golte Landscape Park, let time stop in the remote Robanov kot or the magnificent Logarska valley, where the Rinka waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia, glistens in the sun. The Solčava panoramic road, features osme of the most beautiful views and connects more than 20 interesting tourist points, making it a very popular among tourists.

3. Mozirski gaj, an Ethnological Gem Among Colourful Flowerbeds

Mozirski gaj is attractive in all seasons. Even in autumn, when most of the plants are slowly preparing for hibernation, it is full of curiosities. Antique buildings such as typical granaries,  haystacks, mills and an apiary present a kind of open-air museum. The autumn pumpkin exhibition and an competition for the heaviest pumpkin in Slovenia is extremely interesting. Mozirski gaj is open until the first weekend in October.

4. In the footsteps of Log Drivers

The Log Drivers tradition and woodworking heritage characterizes the entire Upper Savinja Valley. Visit the Vrbovec Museum and get to know how carpenters and foresters once lived. You will find a Log Drivers collection in Ljubno equally interesting. It tells the story about Log Drivers and wood was transported from the Upper Savinja Valley all the way to the Black Sea. You can immerse yourself in beautiful artisan houses made of old wood in Ethno Village Luče .

5. Time for Spirituality

Do you feel like taking a cultural-historical journey? In Nazarje, at the confluence of the Savinja and Dreta rivers, there is a hill with a Franciscan monastery, featuring a rich library, which boasts some rare exhibits, including the Dalmatin’s Bible. Next to the convent live Sestre Klarise, who constantly sing praises to almighty God in poor. 

Other interesting sites are Gornji Grad Cathedral the largest baroque cathedral in Slovenia. There in the garden you will find a couple of young herbalists Maja and Amanda. They are offering a truly unique experience 5 Senses, 2 Women, 1 Herbal Garden, which has received the prestigious Slovenia Unique Experience label this year.

6. Wellness Pampering for Two

Savinjska is known for its exceptional boutique wellness offer, which perfectly complements relaxation in nature. Alpine wellness, saunas, natural water pools, massage pools, hay baths, dendrotherapy, massages and Ayurvedic programs are perfect for hedonistic moments for two. Do something for health and well-being!

7. Taste a Trove of of Traditional Savinjska Flavours

Love passes through the stomach ;-) Spice up your wanderings with excellent homemade foods. The local inns and tourist farms often smell of exceptional Savinjska specialties such as the famous Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy and delicious buckwheat. Do you prefer modern cuisine, you can also taste traditional dishes with a modern twist? The flavours of Savinjska will certainly complement your autumn adventures. Bon Appétit!

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