A Blossoming Meadow

Flowers in the Mozirje grove and bee houses amidst meadows, conjure up an atmosphere of a honeyed land. The Savinja region’s most blossoming town is proud of its half a million flowers. Medicinal plants, trees and park trails are calling for exercise and yoga out in the fresh air. While being hosted in the Lesnika restaurant, bearing the name of an old species of meadow apple trees, we can appreciate the young generation’s love for a century-old tradition. Boost your energy while indulging in wellness, alpine style!

Mozirje Grove

When strolling amidst the flowering carpets of the Mozirje grove we take in the focus and weightlessness of bees. Discovering flowers and medicinal herbs awakens all of our senses. Among the trees and flowers lies an ideal place for yoga out in the fresh alpine air.

People of Mozirje Square

After listening to the genuine stories in the centre of Mozirje, we get a sense of pride that the inhabitants of Mozirje square, peculiar patriots, felt of their town in the 19th century. Still today, there is a magical stream flowing through the town that enchants anybody who jumps in it. You can easily fall in love with Mozirje and never want to leave.

Alpine Wellness

The pre-alpine climate is ideal for curing the “zgornjesavinjski želodec,” a unique dried-meat in stomach specialty, with registered geographic origin. It is served at the Lesnika restaurant. We indulge ourselves in alpine wellness at the Korošec tourist farm. It is easy to start dreaming while sipping herbal drinks in the middle of a meadow.


Na trgu 32, 3330 Mozirje
t +386 5 916 64 77
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