A Refreshing Experience

In the Savinjska region, the hot springs of Topolšica present a contrasting experience to the torrents and streams of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Welcome to Topolšica natural spa! Pampering in the Zala wellness centre of Terme Topolšica spa works best if it is justly deserved. To sense the everyday pulse and homeliness of the countryside, we set to work at the organic farm in the vicinity of Šoštanj. After this authentic experience we dip into thermal pools that offer a view of the forest. Where once reigned tall poplars, boiling spring water has been emanating from the ground for more than half a millennium. Indulge yourself!


From the Terme Topolšica spa, we drive to the Potočnik Poprask organic farm above Šoštanj. The unique experience of everyday life on the countryside awaits us. First, we meet the master of the farm and his family. We stroll through the herbal gardens and the orchard spawning 160 trees.

A Challenge

We put on farmer’s clothes and try our hand at everyday chores. We put ourselves in the shoes of growers and cattle breeders that need to cooperate with nature. While labouring, we relax our thoughts and the smell of countryside draws a smile to our face. At the farm, we also make a tasty lunch from home-made goods.

Terme Topolšica Spa

Following the farm-life experience, we return to Terme Topolšica spa, with a feeling of pleasant tiredness. Here the water has been naturally soothing and healing for more than 500 years. Indulge yourself in well-deserved pampering in herbal saunas, where you can unplug yourself from stressful everyday life. After relaxing the body and mind we make a toast with a drink made from local herbs.


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