Adrenaline Adventure

Rečica ob Savinji is sports nexus of the Savinja River

When we experience Alpine atmosphere at Camp Menina it will get your blood running around your body. The adrenaline park provides good warm up activities before rafting on Savinja River. You heart rate will slove down at the mill where old traditions come alive or on a gondola to the Golte Plateau. Enjoy an Alpine sports day!

Adrenaline Park and Camp Menina

Warm up at Camp Menina is a test of your motor abilities. The adrenaline park track and the descent along the water-landing jetty are good preparations for rafting on the Savinja River. An unforgettable water experience stirs our appetite and it’s time for lunch at the campsite.

The following battle plan will split you in two groups: are you among the explorers or the adrenaline junkie?

  • Brinčev Mill, Ethnological Museum and Freshly Baked Delicacies for Explorers

Walking to the Brinčev Mill is a special experience. The old buildings were remodeled into a modern mill, an ethnological museum was created on the hayrack, the most tempting is the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries from a home bakery.

  • Golte mountain biking for adrenaline enthusiasts

The second group calms the beat only on the gondola to heaven, as the locals of the Golte Plateau say. After the safe mountain biking course, we whistle into the valley. To prevent everything from going too fast, let’s stop for a snack ride on the hospitable tourist farms. Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy on a wooden board and local cheeses should not be missing.


Varpolje 105, 3332 Rečica ob Savinji
t +386 40 525 266

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