Alpine Vineyard

In Šmartno ob Paki there is a party among the vineyards. Here the church is named after the patron saint of wine.

The highest lying vines in Slovenia. The locals nourish their vines in the highest positions in Slovenia. The hills are interspersed with romantic trails, cottages and wineries, where harmonica tunes are poured along the glass. Winemakers who are proud of the ever-increasing ratings of their produce are always ready to open the door and share the story.

By bike among the vineyards

As we cycle through the wine hills, we feel the amount of work and passion the vine needs. Cheer up the land of wine! In the company of a guide, we set off on a bicycle that can be electric to discover Alpine vineyards. A stroll through the sunny hills of the wine plays to every cyclist or hiker.

Traditional wine production

Have you seen a barrel so large that it is covered with a roof? Let’s stop at one of the oldest cottages in Slovenia with a still functioning oak press from the 18th century. and other old tools. Wine production is still quite traditional here, from manual harvesting onwards.

Wine tasting

Cycling is completed at the Primožič Winery, at the highest point of Mali vrh, where a winegrower presents us with his tasting of a great wine. It is most joyful during the harvest and when the master baptizes young wine. A delicious local dinner, accompanied by folk music, recovers our energy and may return to the valley with torches.

Mojca Praprotnik, Vinotoč Primožič
Mali Vrh 51, 3327 Šmartno ob Paki
t +386 41 233 269

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