Test your archery skills! Fun and friendly activity for the whole family in the stunning natural environment at the Matkov kot.

Have you ever been hunting? Archery is a dynamic sport that will impress all generations. The tourist farm Gradišnik with its surroundings is the right place to enjoy this once-respected skill. Karli Gradisnik, who is the former European champion in the archery 3D category, has given archery knowledge to all archery adventure enthusiasts. On the farm, you can borrow bow, arrows and go on a 3 km long 3D archery adventure into the depths of the forest, where you meet 28 different targets in the shape of animals simulating actual hunting.


Turistična kmetija Gradišnik
Logarska dolina 18
3335 Solčava
t: 00386 (0) 41526699

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