Authentic Energy of Nature

With almost a thousand years of coexistence with nature, the locals of the Logarska Valley landscape park have managed to preserve the natural environment and cultural identity, of which they are especially proud. Focus on yourself, improve your health and well-being with the energies of this beautiful nature.

Wellness and Comfort in the Inspiring Alpine Surroundings 

Indulge in natural wellness experiences , a proven way to relax, connect with nature and strengthen the body. In the programs you can choose between guided and independent activities. Let the golden sun caress you, breathe the clean mountain air while enjoying the melodies of alpine waters. Listen to the music of plants and open your senses in the vast alpine forests. Enjoy saunas, meditation, yoga, barefoot walking, hay baths or massages with oils from local herbs.

Take walks along sensory paths, touch the trees, herbs and other plants based on dendrotherapy. Soothe the body and mind, awaken the creative energy and create with wool and other natural materials. Entertain your taste buds with the flavors of healthy local food, tailored to the wishes of the individual. In the evening participate in a cultural ethno-evening with local stories and music that will delight you.

Energy Points in Logarska Valley 

In Logarska Valley, experts have identified special energy points that will help you cleanse, connect with nature and with yourself. Within the integrated program, the activities are also related to five Anthroposophic principles: breathing, diet, art, care and conversation. Periodic conversations with an expert are based on a relational model and compassion. The program is rounded off by Ayurvedic treatment, an approach to holistic acceptance of oneself and one’s surroundings, and activities that promote a connection with the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether.

In modern jargon we are refereeing to ant-stress, mindfulness/selfness, healthy aging and outdoor programs. Available to you are short one day programs as well as long three to ten day programs. 

The product development operation is co-financed by the European Union with the help of the European Regional Development Fund: Investing in your future. The operation is implemented in the framework of the implementation of the Operational Program for the Implementation of European Cohesion Policy for the period 2014-2020, within the priority investment 3.2 Tourism development. The project is co-financed in the amount of 69% of eligible costs under budget items PP 160071 – PN3.2 – Tourism Development-14-20-V-EU and PP 160072 – PN3.2 – Tourism Development-14-20-V-SLO.

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