Beekeeping Products and Apitourism

Many locals in Savinjska and Šaleška valleys have been cultivating and maintaining bees and honey products for years.

Honey, pollen, propolis and wax affect the well-being and health. They are also important for the preparation of ointments and medicinal products. You can buy products from tour operators and beekeepers.

Some time ago, the Beekeeping Center of Savinjska and Šaleška Valleys has been established in Luče. Mozirje offers a visit to a beekeeping society that develops apitourism. There you can take a beekeeping trail. If you are tired after a walk, enjoy a nap in the Medena Village where you can enjoy the energy offered by apitherapy.

In Solčava you can see the traditional beekeeping practices and in Center Rinka taste the beekeeping products that are also for sale.


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