If you were to explore the magnificent Kamnik-Savinja Alps and natural parks on two wheels, then come for a biking holiday. Bicycle paths of different difficulty levels are available to road and mountain bikers as well as families. While riding stop and rest at one of the farms along the way.

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Savinjska2Go is cycling guide around Savinja. It covers municipalities of Solčava, Luče, Ljubno, Gornji Grad, Rečica ob Savinji, Nazarje, Mozirje, Šmartno ob Paki, Velenje, Šoštanj. The app has information about 54 cycling routes and more than 200 turist attractions. 

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Cycling experiences in the Savinja Valley and its surroundings

Cycling Ascent to Golte

Ascend on Golte with a winding descent into to the valley. You can avoid the ascent by taking the cable car.

Distance: 16 km, altitude difference: 1,010 m.
Sights: Alpine Garden on Golte, lake on Golte (20 minutes walk from Hotel Golte), Zipline, Wellness in Hotel Golte.
Guesthouses and restaurants: Hotel Golte Restaurant, Mozirska Koča, Gostilna Vid

Cycling route on Smrekovec Volcano

Explore the volcanic mountain range Smrekovec offering beautiful views of the Savinjska region. The cable car takes you to Golte, from where you embark on a cycling adventure through the landscape park.

Distance: 7 km, altitude difference: 180 m.
Sights: ziplines, wellness in the hotel Golte.
Guesthouses and restaurants: Hotel Golte, Planinski dom Smrekovec

From Golte to Visočnik Tourist Farm, Ljubno and to Rečica ob Savinji

You can opt for an independent or organized mountain bike trip, where you will get to know the area well with a guide and treat yourself to the delicacies of the Visočnik tourist farm.

Distance: 32 km, ascent: 60 m, descent: 1,150 m
Sights: the old granary at the Visočnik Tourist Farm, Flosarska zbirka Ljubno
Guesthouses and restaurants: Tourist farm Visočnik, Šport Center Prodnik

Cycling roads along the picturesque mountain pastures of the Menina planina nature reserve

Menina planina, a pre-alpine karst plateau, is a protected natural area. Monks from the Benedictine monastery in Gornji Grad once owned estates in this area, but today it is a popular spot among hikers and cyclists.

Distance: 14 km, ascent: 950 m
Sights: Jespa, a deep karst cave on Menina planina
Guesthouses and restaurants: Planinski dom on Menina planina

Stunning Views While Cycling on the Solčava Panoramic Road

The Solčava Panoramic Road, which received the award for the most beautiful Slovenian tourist route, connects the natural and cultural sights of Solčava. You can wander around on it by bike or on foot.

Distance: 26 km, ascent: 720 m
Sights: tourist points on the Solčava panoramic road (sour water source, lookout points, tourist farms)
Guesthouses and restaurants: the road features various tourist farms

Family Cycling Trip to Logarska Valley

Logarska Valley is one of the most celebrated and photographed Slovenian natural treasures. It is also a magnet for visitors from all over the world. In recent years, the locals have been striving to preserve its natural image and integrity, so they are encouraging the use of sustainable mobility. You can start your trip from Solčava or drive up and park your car right at the at the entrance to Logarska Valley. In the summer months, the area is very popular, so be especially careful on the road.

Distance: 11 km
Sights: Logarska dolina, Palenk waterfall, Logarjeva lipa, Črna spring, Rinka waterfall (20 minutes on foot), wellness
Guesthouses and restaurants:  Hotel Plesnik, Kmečka hiša Ojstrica, Penzion Na razpotju, Planšarija Logarski kot

By bike to the Alpine Vineyard and Šmartno ob Paki

Šmartno ob Paki has the highest vineyard in Slovenia. Sign up for an organized cycling tour of the vine-covered hills. To avoid biting your knees, you and the guide will set off on electric bikes, and at the end you will have a wine tasting.

Cycling in Luče

Luče is extremely popular among active visitors. With the bike you can go exploring various surroundings:

  • Cycling route through Krnica (distance: 8 km, ascent: 100 m, time: 1 h)
  • Bike route through Raduha (distance: 19 km, ascent: 453 m, time: 2 h)
  • Bike path through Podveža (distance: 12 km, ascent: 260 m, time: 1.5 h)
  • Cycling trail through Konjski vrh (distance: 14 km, ascent: 400 m, time: 2 h)
  • Cycling route to Arničev vrh (distance: 14 km, ascent: 530 m, time: 2 h)


Cycling in the Šaleška Valley

Embark on well-kept family walking and cycling trails along the Velenje Lakes, rent a popular BICY bike and explore Velenje. The countryside of the Šaleška valley is also magical, discover it by bike!

Bicycle paths in the vicinity of Terme Topolšica

Combine pampering in the Terme Topolšica with cycling. Ask at the hotel reception for cycling routes around the Terme Topolšica. Cycling connections also exist between Terme Topolšica, Šoštanj and Velenje. A pleasant bike path runs mostly along the forest.

For an authentic and safe cycling experience, we recommend hiring a qualified guide.

Map of Cycling Trails – Savinjska


Additional information about cycling in Savinjska Valley

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