Enchanting winter in the Savinja region – 10 winter experiences

How about wandering through the magical winter landscapes of the Savinja region? Do you enjoy pristine nature, Alpine ambiance, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, or simply discovering idyllic hidden corners? Do you like to relax in wellness and taste delicious cuisine? Then you’ve come to the right place.

1.On Golte, you are closer to the Sun.

The Golte ski resort, continuously recognized as the best ski resort in Slovenia,  lies at an altitude between 1,250 m and 1,600 m.  The ski resort is accessible by the longest cable car in Slovenia and encompasses more than 12 km of slopes.

⛷ ACTIVITIES: skiing, ski school, sledding, wellness
ACCOMODATION: For a carefree getaway, you can stay in a hotel or apartments located directly on the ski slopes. Check out the accommodation options in the Savinja region.
GREEN FACT: Golte mountain is classified as a Landscape park. OThis solitary karst plateau is surrounded by layers   of volcanic rocks. On Golte, you can find intriguing karst features such as crevasses, sinkholes, and karst caves.
IDEA FOR THE PERFECT EXPERIENCE:  In the afternoons, you can enjoy the sunset by the lake and be mesmerised by the romantic view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. 

2. Christmas Fairytale of Slovenia: 1,8 million lights at Mozirje Flower Park 

Mozirje Flower park is known for its blooming tulips. In December, it transforms into a fairy-tale land adorned with thousands of colorful lights. They say even Santa Claus pays a visit to it. Children are particularly intrigued by the enchanted village.

⏰ OPENING HOURS: 2. 12. 2023 including 7. 1. 2024, every day from 16.00 to 21.00 .

⛄️ EXPERIENCES AND NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Experience Blooming Mozirje, skiing on Golte, wellness 
ACCOMODATION:  Check out the accommodation options in the Savinja region.
GREEN FACT: Did you know that the Mozirje Flower park was created on a former waste dump? 
IDEA FOR THE PERFECT EXPERIENCE: Don’t forget your camera. In the flower park there are a lot of interesting locations for a great photo.

3. Cross-country skiing in the stunning Logar Valley

Raise your heart rate beneath the majesty of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. There are 15 kilometers of trails for both classical and skate skiing techniques (currently, 2.5 kilometers of trails are available). Rest assured, Logar Valley will charm you also in winter.

❄️ CROSS-COUNTRY SKI SCHOOL:+386 41 600 742
ACCOMODATION: Check out the accommodation options in the Savinja region.
GREEN FACT: Logar Valley has been protected as a landscape park since 1987. Part of the park that has the Slovenia Green Park certificate is included in the NATURA 2000 area. Humans and nature live here in perfect harmony – a true rarity nowadays. 
IDEA FOR THE PERFECT EXPERIENCE: Combine outdoor activities with a visit to one of the boutique wellness centers in the Savinja region.

4. Fun on sleds

Who loves sledding? The wind in your hair and fantastic winter fun… You can opt for organized sledding or rent sleds. 
Adventure Valley: +386 51 606 420
Mozirska koča na Golteh (Kamp Menina): +386 40 296093    

ACCOMODATION: Check out the accommodation options in the Savinja region.


5. Snowshoeing

Wandering through the snowy Savinja landscape, wearing giant shoes. Our ancestors once used snowshoes for winter hunting and forest tasks. Today they are indispensable for exploring solitary winter hideaways on Smrekovec, Lepenatka, and Golte. Are you up for an adventure? 

ACCOMODATION: Check out the accommodation options in the Savinja region.


6. Surviving in Winter Nature – Bushcraft Savinjska

The unique adventure of surviving in the wilderness is exceptionally captivating – even in winter. Bushcraft Savinjska is an authentic guided forest adventure where you learn the skills and knowledge of our ancestors, setting aside the routine of the modern life. Could you survive in the wilderness? Experience a unique  adventure that will help you understand and respect nature. With the help of a guide, you gather wood, learn to spark a fire, listen to the its crackling flames, and search for food.” 
⛄️ EXPERIENCES AND NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Golte, Christmas Fairytale of Slovenia

ACCOMODATION: Check out the accommodation options in the Savinja region.


7. Ljubno FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Women 

Every year, a significant event takes place in Ljubno ob Savinji – the Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup, attended by competitors and fans from all over the world. This two day event offers good food and beverages, a cheerful atmosphere, and children’s programe. Since womens’s ski jumping has become an Olympic discipline  the event has been increasingly in the forefront of the world’s media. There is also a new ski jump in Ljubno, where the “flying” women courageously descend.

8. Enchanting winter in Velenje and winter activities by the Velenje Lake

Experience the winter buzz in Velenje, known as the youngest Slovenian town, with a big heart. Pippi’s city, as some affectionately call it, is particularly enchanting in the winter months. Put on your ice skates and dance on the ice rink. Try out sledding or cross-country skiing by Lake Velenje, where Vista – Park with a view, proudly stands. 



9. Pampering and relaxation in the Savinja region

In winter, it is time for warm and cozy saunas and whirpools. After exciting winter outdoor activities in the Savinja region, a retreat to warmth feels like heaven. For all the couples out there: Explore all the places for pampering and relaxation. 

10. Adventures in Museums

Explore the diverse history of the Savinja region. Even today, the region is known for its lush forests and expertise in forestry. At the Rinka Center, a permanent exhibition ‘Solčavsko – In the Lap of the Alps‘ is on display. In Ljubno, you will be impressed by the renovated interactive timber rafting collection, which also includes the traditional Ljubno ‘potice’ – Palm Sunday bunches that are typical for the area. 

 The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the experiences and/or events. If you decide to experience outdoor activities, always keep an eye on the weather forecast and other relevant conditions. It is important to choose activities that are suitable for your psychophysical abilities. For your safety, we recomment hiring a guide.

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