Environmental and Sustainability Labels of Savinjska Region

The Upper Savinjska Valley has always been one of the greenest Slovenian destinations. In addition to picturesque landscape parks, where the coexistence of man and nature is preserved, places and providers are increasingly committed to green tourism, preservation of environment and cultural heritage. Efforts for sustainable approach have won numerous awards in Slovenian and around the world.  

Experience Sustainability 

Do you appreciate sustainable management of nature? You are on the right track in Savinjska. Labels and certificates obtained by locations, accommodation and experience providers in Savinjska, are also a guarantee of an authentic, environmentally and socially friendly experience. Support their efforts too! And don’t forget – it’s up to all of us to keep the destinations pleasant and friendly for everyone – locals, tourism providers, visitors and the next generation.

Sustainability Certificates, Awards and Labels

  • Slovenia Green Destination – Logarska dolina-Solčavsko was awarded Slovenia Green Destination Gold
  • Slovenia Green Destination – municipality Ljubno ob Savinji was awarded Slovenia Green Destination Bronze,
  • Slovenia Green Destination – municipality Rečica ob  Savinji was awarded Slovenia Green Destination Bronze,
  • Slovenia Green Destination – municipality Luče was awarded Slovenia Green Destination Bronz (2020),
  • Slovenia Green Destination – Logarska Valley Landscape Park was awarded Slovenia Green Park,
  • EDEN (2009): Solčava was awarded European destinations of excellence awarded by the European Commission.
  • GORNIŠKE VASI (2019): Municipality Luče member of international network of alpine towns developing tourism on the basis of mountaineering tradition and sustainable development,
  • CIPRA (2005): Logarska Valley Landscape Park was awarded CIPRA for the best managed protected area in the Alps.
  • TOP 100 sustainable destinations in the world (2019) – Solčava 
  • European Log Driving Town: Ljubno in flosarstvo.
  • European Festival City: Mozirje in Pust mozirski.
  • International Award for Sustainable Renewal in the Alps (2013): Center Rinka.

Providers with Sustainability Labels and Certificates

Did you know…

  • The Rinka Center is an multi-purpose center for sustainable development, featuring quality local products and an exhibition on human habitation with nature in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps;
  • The Kamnik-Savinja Alps fossils deposit from the Middle Triassic, which is an exceptional specialty on a global scale, that can be seen in the Rinka Center;
  • Gornji Grad is the only Slovenian municipality in the European Climate Union due to its exceptional air quality and living environment;
  • More than 170 km² of the Upper Savinja Valley is included in the European special protection area NATURA 2000;
  • Rent an e-bike and contribute to maintaining the clean air and natural beauty of the Savinja Valley.

Sustainable Mobility is The Law

Do something for health and explore the Savinjska region with an electric bike. Check out where you can rent an e-bike and where the e-chargers are.

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