Fairytales and Folk Stories

Discover old stories and travel the roads of fairytale heroes. Visit Solčava Panoramic Road, Fairytale Forest in Logarska Valley, explore castle stories told by the Pozoj’s Castle Trail and see what is going on under the old walls of Ravbarska Village.

Solčava Panoramic Road: a Walk With the Shepard Krištof

Have you been on  Solčava Panoramic Road? Sheppard Krištof will be happy to see you, he lost his sheep and needs help finding them. He will be especially happy if kids join him in the search. He believes that children can see thing adults cannot anymore. A reward is promised to anyone that helps him. More than 20 interconnected tourist points tell the story of Lintver the Dragon and how these place were created.

Fairytale Forest: Kingdom of Heroes, Fairytales and Legends

In Logarska Valley there is a unique place for children. Together with your children, you  will meet fairytale heroes, learn where and how they live. You will excite your senses by experiencing the forest its inhabitants. Families with pre-school or school children, elementary school group and all fairytale lovers will will find a paradise here. 


Pozoj’s Castle Trail Around Velenje

In the past pieces of coal found around Šalek Valley were referred to as dragons blood. So if that was the blood of a dragon, there also had to be a dragon, people called him Pozoj. Today you can embark on a jorney on a thematic trail that links several castles: Villa Bianca, Velenje Castle, Šalek Castle, Ekenštajn Castle, Turn Castle and Stare Škale. You can walk it in several stages or use a bicycle. At each point, you will get a stamp used to get a special Pozoj’s sticker at the tourist information center in Velenje.

If you are going to Velenje with your family, get the Children’s map of Velenje, where all the important points for your children are marked with pictures.

Ravbar Village

Come to an interactive outdoor performance, held under the ancient walls of the Pakenstein castle in Šmartno ob Paki. Enter the fantasy world of folk fairy tales and magical creatures. Organized groups need to make prior arrangements with organizer KUD Gorenje.

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