Family Farm Vacation

A charming intimacy that reminds us nostalgically of our childhood and at the same time fills us with a sense of authenticity. Smell of hay, grassy meadows and liveliness of domestic animals, delicious cuisine and unique knowledge of friendly hosts. Ensure that your children feel the hustle and bustle of the peasant environment and experience domestic farm life.

Get to know the farm animals

The special atmosphere that exists on tourist farms is due to domestic animals, which are especially interesting for children. Elegant horses, dogs, kittens, goats, sheep, cows and piglets. There is not a child who does not want to observe how to milk a cow, care of animals and the feed them.

Farm work and machines

In addition to caring for pets, life on the farm is also marked by other tasks that are rare in cities. You can help with harvesting hay, picking vegetables, cleaning stables, watching how to prepare for winter, or see working machinery and equipment such as tractors, haymakers and special trailers.

Cooking workshops

A farm will always have a scent of good home-made food. Here you can taste the Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy, sour milk, spirits, homemade marmalades and other delicious dishes. Some housewives prepare cooking workshops; among which you can gain valuable knowledge for the preparation of unique homemade delicacies with your family.

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