Family Friendly Educational Mountain Trails

Would you like to visit the mountains find something new during your hike, choose on of the educational hiking trails. 

Go on the Hike around Logarska Valley, explore walking and cycling trails around Šalek Lakes, educational path to the monestary hill in Nazarje all take the gondola to Golte where you can visit the Alpine Garden. Your itinerary should not miss fairytale valley Robanov kot. and the green plateau Menina Mountain.

There are many trails to choose from, so pick something that is suitable to your physical ability and current weather conditions. A popular trail among families with a few older children is a trail to Koča at Klemenča cave as well as trail to Smrekovec. For more skilled visitors you can choose one of the two-thousanders however we recommend you to go only with the help of a trained guide.


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