“From Stones to Stars” in the Savinja Valley – Retracing the Steps of the Counts of Celje

Immerse yourself into a boutique experience of the Savinja Valley and explore a magnificent story that will take you on a journey from stone castles to the stars of Slovenia’s independence. The green adventure “From Stones to Stars” will lead you down mysterious pathways right to the sources of strength, inspiration and visions of the free Lords of Žovnek and the Princes and Counts of Celje.

Serenity and Inspiration by the Savinja River

The mighty Counts of Celje searched for serenity and inspiration and found it in the hidden nooks and crannies along the Savinja River. They ventured even further and retreated behind the towering sentinels of Solčava mountains where they hid a part of their treasures. You will also be led over stones and rocks down a path sparked with just the right measure of magical visions so you can reach for the stars.

Take a trip down the history lane and listen to the story of the free Lords of Žovnek and the Princes and Counts of Celje and then retrace their steps all the way to the springs of Savinja River in the Logar Valley.

While walking over hard rocks and down stone paths, soft moss might catch you off guard with its gentle caress. The murmuring of crystal-clear water and the fragrant scent of pines, firs and spruces will dispel any weariness you might feel along the path. And just when you feel like taking a break, you will be all smiles as you lay your eyes on a grassy forest glade in the embrace of the mountains.   There’s no better place to taste a selection of homemade delicacies. In the pleasantly cool forests of the Upper Savinja Valley, as we listen to the humming of waterfalls, revel in their droplets on our faces and peek through the lens of centuries past, we can find the right paths for the current times and catch a glimpse of the future.

These are the springs from which our ancestors drew sustenance and they are also here for us, offering rest and inspiration.

Green experience “From Stones to Stars” – Itinerary

  • Meeting point in Luče, in front of Juvan House; an introduction to the story of the Counts of Celje
  • A welcome reception and exploration of the mysteries of Juvan House – old skills and wisdom for contemporary use
  • Transport from the starting point in Luče to the Logar Valley and back
  • Crossing the narrow gorge next to Igla (needle in English), a cleft between the rock wall and a stone obelisk, where Count of Celje Frederick II roamed Celjski.
  • Climbing and gathering a bouquet of mountain flowers while listening to the story of Frederick II and his mountain flower
  • Light meal at the Robanov Kot Valley
  • Hunt for the treasure of the Counts of Celje next to the Church of St. Mary of the Snows in Solčava
  • Entering the embrace of mountains, the Logar Valley, while listening to the story of Logar’s girl and the farm above the Robanov kot Valley
  • Serenity in the forests of the Logar Valley, misty waterfalls and selected culinary delights from the nearby ecological farms

Green motivational team bonding

A thematic team bonding, a motivational get-together for smaller groups, designed to cater to guests who appreciate green, boutique experiences with a local, Alpine character.  

A strong local identity is inspired by the unspoilt, Alpine nature and the cultural heritage of the destination conveyed through the story of the “free Lords of Žovnek” and the later Princes and Counts of Celje.

This is an exceptionally authentic experience with a firm commitment to a sustainable approach and an emphasis on the three pillars of sustainability. The experience contributes to the preservation of nature by following the principle of being waste-free and through the moral teachings of stories. It supports local producers and trained guides-interpreters who receive fair pay for their high-quality work.

Information and booking:

Poseben dan, zavod za pristna doživetja

Solčava 29

3335 Solčava

t: 041 467 122

e: info@posebendan.si

Duration: 10 hours or by arrangement

Ideal number of participants: 10-20 people

Schedule: several times a year between April and November, at previously agreed times or by prior arrangement

Price of experience: from €180/person for groups of 15 people or by arrangement

The price includes:

  • Welcome reception
  • Visits to all of the above attractions
  • Workshops for acquiring skills and wisdom
  • Safe climbing on rocks in nature
  • Light meal
  • Tasting of a rich selection of local delicacies
  • Transport between different locations
  • Organisation of an adventurous experience and guidance in costume

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