Golte Landscape Park

Golte mountain is an classified as a Landscape park. It is a popular spot for hikers, paragliders, excursionists and other nature lovers during the summer. The cable car will take you to the 1,400 m, from where refreshing hikes on the green mountain take place during the summer.


The high karst plateau of Golte hides many characteristic phenomena of solitary and high-mountain karst. Enjoy the boundless views, put on your hiking boots and go on one of the hiking trails. Sit by a popular lake or opt for a SUP board paddle.

Take a look at the Alpine Garden, home to many indigenous alpine plants. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Try a ziplining, climbing or explore the underworld. Golte is also a cyclist-friendly destination, offering routes of varying difficulty. Great choice for family vacations, couples, day trips, groups and business guests. Looking for the perfect place to tie the knot? Don’t delay, the mountain wedding at Golte is really something special.

Summer experiences in Golte

Footpaths along the Golte

Save some energy and take a cable car to Golte. Golte Landscape Park is an ideal destination for hiking in summer months, as the temperature on the mountain is generally 10 degrees lower in summer than in the valley offering a pleasant refreshment from the heat. You can choose from a variety of hiking and walking trails. For families there are easy trails (eg the Golte trail, Zajčkova pot). You can also visit the highest peak Boskovec (1,588 m). More demanding hikers can set off on the path to the Smrekovec volcano or start the climb direct from the valley. During the hiking trip, take time to see the sights and refresh yourself on one of the stops along the way. Before leaving, check the weather and route conditions and the operation of the facilities, and use appropriate equipment. You can opt for a guided tour with experienced guides who are happy to tell you some local story.


Distance: 3.91 km, walking time: 1 h 30 min, altitude difference: 1570 m.n.v., peak Stari stani (highest point), 1356 m.n.v., Mozirska koča (lowest point)
Sights: Alpine Garden on Golte, lake on Golte (20 minutes walk from Hotel Golte), lookout point on the Alps, karst pit, Stari Stani, Mozirska koča, ziplines, wellness in hotel Golte.
Guesthouses and restaurants: Hotel Golte restaurant, Mozirska koča, koča Trije ploti 


Distance: 6.1 km, walking time: 2h 30 min, altitude difference: 220 m (the path is varied, so the altitude difference along the path is slightly higher)
Sights: Golte Landscape Park, Smrekovec volcano.
Guesthouses and restaurants: Hotel Golte Restaurant, Mozirska koča, Dom na Smrekovcu

Lookout Lake and SUP

The lake at Golte paints a complete idyll picture. You will experience an exceptional view of the mighty Kamnik-Savinja Alps, green and flowering pastures where cattle grazing peacefully and the refreshing summer temperature. The lake is about a 20-minute walk from the upper station of the cable car. You can refresh yourself in the huts by the lake, and at the appropriate water level, you can also opt for an adventure with an SUP board.

Alpine garden, a treasure trove of alpine plants

Treat yourself to an hour-long walk, fantastic views of the Savinjska region and get to know the indigenous alpine plants. The alpine garden features more than 100 alpine plants, energy points, a historical presentation of forestry, and also a presentation of tree horoscope. The garden is around 10-minute walk from the upper cable station. Mozirska koča is in the immediate vicinity, where you can treat yourself to delicious home-made dishes. If you are interested in the healing power of plants, opt for a guided tour of the Alpine Garden and immerse yourself in the stories.

Ziplines a Perfect Way to Accelerate Your Heart rate 

A slightly more exciting experience of the Golte Landscape Park is offered by a 200 m long descent down the cable line. Treat yourself to the adventurous slide down the mountain, with  accompaniment of a guide.

Golte (Corina Visser Ruitenberg)

Wall Climbing

Test your abilities on the artificial climbing wall next to the hotel. It is possible to rent equipment and to get an expert who will take care of the safe experience.


Cycling on Golte

Explore the Golte Landscape Park by bike. Cycling routes of various levels of difficulty are suitable for families as well as those who want the right amount of adrenaline. By renting an e-bike, you save some energy on the slopes allowing you to take  a slightly more demanding tour. Golte is also popular among road cyclists who overcome the height difference on the paved roads leading from Mozirje to the upper station of the cable car.


The Mysterious Underworld

Would you like to see the mysterious underground experience of the karst world? Use the guide to see the authentic and unspoiled corners and learn about interesting phenomena created by water through stories. Golte Landscape Park is dotted with ditches, sinkholes and karst caves, which are protected as natural treasures of national importance. The cave area is also protected under the auspices of NATURE 2000.

Paragliding and tandem flight

Let the bird’s eye view make you happy. Opt for a tandem paragliding flight. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Savinjska region. Believe me, this is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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