Golte Trail

Taking the Golte Trail is a recipe for a great summer day. You can also take a panoramic gondola ride to the top. 

Golte Trail, a journey through the Golte Landscape Park with a view on Kamnik Savinja Alps

To reach Golte Landscape Park you can take a gondola. This will save you some energy for the exploration of the interesting mountain. There you will find many interesting sights: a lake with a view of the Kamink-Savinja Alps, Ledenica Cave and an Alpine Garden. 

Key Information 

[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] STARTING POINT: Hotel Golte (1410m above sea level). From Mozirje, take the roundabout in the direction of the Golte. Follow the road, when you reach next crossroad, follow the direction to Golte (left turn). At the next crossroads in the village of Žekovec turn right onto a one way road. The road will take you to the Golte gondola. [mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] END POINT: Hotel Golte[mks_icon icon = “fa-blind” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked circular path[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrows-v” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 400 m[mks_icon icon = “fa-clock-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] TIME: 2 hours 30 min[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color = “# 79ba39” type = “fa”] RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: hiking pools and suitable mountaineering footwear[mks_icon icon = “fa-cutlery” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] FOOD: Koča na Treh plotih, Stari Stani, Hotel Golte[mks_icon icon = “fa-tree” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] SIGHTS: Golte Landscape Park, National Liberation War Monument, Medvedjak, lake at Koča na Treh plotih, Stari Stani, Jezerca, Ledenica, Alpine Garden[mks_icon icon = “fa-bed” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Montis, Apartments Montis, Apartments Jakop

Trail Description

A few steps away from the Hotel Golte, look for a signpost ‘Pot po Golteh” “Path through Golte”. Cross a pasture fence and follow the trial until you reach a forest road. After a few steps, the road turns right and starts to climb steeply. At the top, the road turns sharply to the left. Follow the road to the crossroads, which lies at the start of the three-seater chairlift. Continue along the lower path, which soon turns left behind the chairlift and begins to climb. During the ascent you will come across a monument to the National Liberation War.

Continue to the right and after a short ascent you will reach the scenic peak Medvedjak, which can be reached using chairlifts. Continue your wandering along the viewing ridge, which begins to descend. You arrive at an artificial lake next to which stands the Trije ploti hut. This is a great place to take photos!


Continue on the trail until you reach a small hill and turn left onto a dirt road. There you will find a bench with a beautiful view offering you a wonderful opportunity to take great photographs. Continue right down a poorly visible path until you reach shepherd’s hut Stari stani.

Then head sharply right over the pasture fence. After a few steps, the trail turns left and leads through sparse forest, then up through the meadow. Follow the signpost and after a short ascent you will reach a bench by the lakes. Descend to the pond and continue slightly to the right. Turn left onto a trail that runs along a small clearing in the middle of the forest. Follow the trail until you reach crossroads. Turn left until you reach the mountain.

Ledenica Cave (Jama Ledenica) and Alpine Garden

Na mestu, kjer planina naredi ovinek so oznake za Mozirsko kočo. Tam se spustite ostro desno navzdol. Pred kočo na planini pot zavije levo in se začne spuščati. Spustite se po kolovozu, dokler se pot po Golteh ne usmeri desno. Po nekaj korakih pridete do Ledenice. Pot se nato ponovno priključi kolovozu in pripelje do kapelice, ki leži nedaleč od Mozirske koče. Pri kapelici zavijete levo in po krajšem spustu prispete do koče. Od koče nadaljujete po cesti (nazaj), ki po krajšem vzponu pripelje do Alpskega vrta.

Od Alpskega vrta nadaljujete po cesti v smeri hotela Golte in žičnice. Od vrta do hotela je deset minut hoje po cesti, ki se le rahlo vzpenja. Krožna pot pripelje do izhodišča. 

At the place where the mountain makes a bend you will find signs for Mozirska koča. The trail descend sharply right downhill. When you reach a mountain hut the trail turns left and descends further. Follow the trail until you reach the Ledenica Cave. The trial then rejoins the road and will lead you to a chapel, which lies not far from Mozirska koča. At the chapel, turn left and after a short descent you will reach Mozirska koča. From there continue along the road and after a short ascent you will reach the Alpine Garden.

From the Alpine Garden, continue along the road towards the Golte Hotel and the gondola after a short walk you will reach the starting point again.


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