Green Facts and Experiences

Slovenia is a green country. Some municipalities of Savinjska valley especially strive to educate visitors and instill the green mindset. You can also contribute to the preservation of the natural environment, while visiting this idyllic world with an extraordinary natural backdrop. 

Stay Green in Respectfull

Together, we can make sure that unforgettable natrual experiences that calms the dizzying pace of life, will remain for posterity.

Let’s preserve nature and the landscape

  • Visitlandscape parks Logar valley, Robanov kot andGolte, where man and natre coexist in a susstaniable way.
  • You can dsicover Savinja with a bike or by foot. Take a look at the list of e-chargers and bike rental points. 
  • DormantSmrekovec Vulcano, that is a part of the NATURA 2000, is very rich with water sprongs. Take a visit! Let’s preserve the wealth of water resources by conserving water. Choose environmentally friendly soaps and detergents.

Let’s respect culture and tradition

  • Buy localy! In Savinjska, you can treat yourself to exceptional homemade products, which you can also buy as a gift or souvenir. Zgornjesavinjski želodec a dry meats delicacy used to be sent to the English courts. Beautifully designed products made fromProducts from the Upper Savinja wood are also highly valued.
  • Discoverthe wastness of the Savinja culinary traditition! In addition to the protected upper Savinja stomach, you can delight your taste buds with various local delicacies such as delicious buckwheat or indulge in modern cuisine, which skilfully incorporates tradition into culinary creations. Do not forgert aboutwine tourist trail Šmarto ob Paki, at Špančeva zidanica (Vineyard Cottage), you will be provided with a glass of wine. It is one of th oldest Vineyard Cottage in Slovenia.

  • Visittraditional events that revive old customs and traditions. The most prominent events are: Pust Mozirski, Lenart’s Fair, Evaluation of zgornjesavinjsi želodc (Upper Savinja Stomachs), BICKA Sheep’s Wool Festival and Log Driver’s Ball, an oldest event in Slovenia. 
  • Savinja is proud of two women that have created an 5* star experience around a herbal garden and beautiful Gornji Grad Cathedral. The experience was awarded with a “Slovenia Unique Experience” badge. Awaken your senses at Maja and Amanda’s in Gornji Grad!
  • Explore the green river Savinja with a local guide! A safe and authentic experience!
  • Support heritage conservation and take a look cultural and historical sites of Savinja! 

Take care of the environment and the climate 

  • Did you know that the flower parj Mozirski gaj was created on the grounds of the unofficial garbage dump? Let’s make sure that Savinja remains in bloom! Let’s clean up all the waste and throw it away in designated containers.
  • Buy multi use bottle and enjoy the water that is a true treasure of Slovenia. On the Solčava Panoramic Road, you can fill it up at the source of iron rich water (Kisele vode), which is credited with healing effects. .
  • Jezersko-solčavska Sheep is an autochthonous breed that you will surely meet somewhere along the way. Please do not disturb the sheep and other wild life.

  • Let’s not destroy the plants, rather admire them and visit  Alpine Garden on Golte.
  • Let’s support the efforts of the Savinja places that have obtained badges of excellence for environmental preservation. Let’s visit. Park le only on marked areas and camp only in arranged camp areas. 
  • Open fires are not allowed. kotičkov v Savinjski! Rather light the flame of love and warm up in one of the boutique wellness corners in Savinjska!

Savinjska is a place where even time can rest. Let’s stay patient!

  • Have you already visited one of the scenic routes in Savinjska? Move along marked paths and roads. If a marked trail crosses private land, respect the owner’s privacy. 
  • Keep dogs on leashes.
  • When the roads and trials get crowded please stay patient.  To release excess energy, try your hand at archery

Travel sustainably – sustainable mobility in Savinjska

The most beautiful explorations are those in which we breathe in the astonishing nature and feel it in its details. Rent a bike, e-bike and spin the pedals in Savinjska. Check where is possible to e-bikes and the locations of charging stations.

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