Healing Waters

Let one of the greatest natural miracles strengthen you! In Savinjska and Šaleška valleys you will find what your heart desires: natural swimming pools with views of the Alps, healing spring water, relaxation in nature and thermal springs.

Natural Pools and Ponds

Relax, take in the nature, listen to the sound of Savinja river and take a moment for yourself on one of many idyllic beaches. Freshen take a rest to heal and freshen up by taking a swim in a natural pool at Hotel Plesnik, Medene vasi, or Herbal Glamping Ljubno.

Iron Water, the Source of Health

Particularly healing are the effects of spring mineral water along the Solčava Panoramic Road. Treat yourself to a glass of this unique, iron-rich water that improves well-being and energy. According to the Center for Development and Scientific Research of Mineral Waters, the permanent spring is an exceptional natural phenomenon “completely specific mineral water rich in iron, calcium – magnesium – hydrogen carbonate, which has not been observed in Slovenia”.

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