Herbal Magic

You will feel the power of medical plants and aromas melis, rosemary and other fragrant herbs in the monastery gardens in Gornji Grad.

Baroque Cathedral and Herbal Gardens

The story of the Benedictine monastery, which was exactly 333 years old in the Middle Ages, today inspires young herbalists. The parish priest opens the door to the largest Baroque cathedral of Slovenia and  shares the stories of Gornji Gard with travelers. Air is exceptionally good between the nearby hills and forests. Breathe in with full lungs and relax.

Herbal magic begins to work immediately. Once upon a time, there were as many as 500 family members who took care for the Benedictine monastery estate, forests and fields. Later, Bishops of Ljubljana established a summer residence at the monastery .  Today  with help of the parish priest you can take a walk through the centuries. and experience the largest Baroque cathedral of Slovenia with a 55 m high dome. In the Etnological Museum Štekl, many are taken over by nostalgia. After a homemade lunch at the Gostilna Pri Jošku, with a century old tradition, we breathe in the nature.

Tea Party with Interesting Stories

Enter the magical world of herbs as the grand finale of your day. First, walk through the gardens that are taken care of by young herbalists. Finally, relax with a pot of tea made from the herbs you collected in the garden. As you get pampered with scented incense and a cup of tea, you will forget about time and loose yourselves in the local stories.


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