Herbs and Forest Fruits

Narava uči, zdravi in krepi. V izjemnem okolju Savinjske in Šaleške doline uspevajo številne rastline, ki jih zeliščarji po starodavnih vaških zdravilskih modrostih mešajo v čaje, olja in domače kozmetične pripravke.

Nature teaches, heals and strengthens. In the exceptional environment of the Savinja and Šaleška valleys, numerous plants and herbs grow, that are then mixed in teas, oils and homemade cosmetic prepared by herbalists according to the ancient practices.

Strengthen your health with herbs of the Savinja and Šaleška valleys

Herbs are a great complement to local cuisine. Some societies and individuals collect the flavors of nature throughout the year and offer them as healing teas, natural cosmetics and spices. Take a piece of these medicinal aromas with you and test their strength. Enjoy them in nature, or learn more about them and visit:

  • herbal stories Baba čaj (teas, walks, workshops, lectures in Gornji Grad and its surroundings);
  • herbal garden on the Grilovi domačiji (vineyard) in Vinska Gora,
  • Fidov gaj, a garden of medicinal plants based on the experience of local healer Vida Strgar-Fida (guided tours for pre-arranged groups),
  • herbal garden in the Mozirski gaj.

Forest fruits, homemade marmalades and sauces

In addition to herbs and spices, nature also has areas where forest fruits grow. Go on the Blueberry trail, visit one of the tourist farms and ask for local marmalades and dishes from the local fruits.

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