Hiking and mountain trails in Savinjska

Savinjska will surprise you with its lush and wild nature. Mountain trails crisscross the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, walking and hiking trails along the green Savinja river, landscape parks and protected nature areas, as well as numerous cultural attractions are a recipe for a pleasant active vacation.

Check out the hiking trails of different levels of difficulty!

1.Klemenča cave and Strelovec 

2. Raduha

3. Šmihel’s Trail 

4. Mountain Trail on St. Primož

5. Golte Trail

6. Potočka zijavka

7.  To Čreta in Farbanca

8. Pottery Trail 

9. Smrekovec

10. Šalek Mountain Trail 

11. Path Along Savinja River

12. Wine Trail Šmartno ob Paki 

13. Rep Waterfall and Žager Mill 

14. Circular Mountain Tour Ravne—Dolga trata

15. Menina Mountain

16. St.Martin’s Trail

17. Forest Trail Tičjak

18. Pottery Trail

19. A trip to Ljubno

20. The Path of the Pearl Dwarf

21. Logar Valley Trail

22. Solčava’s Yew

23. Forrest Trail Žabja gozdna pot Blate

24. Solčava Panoramic Road

25. Regional Park Robanov kot

26. From Rečica to Golte

27. From Topolšica to Lom

Safety should come first

We recommend that you go to the mountains accompanied by a qualified guide. Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared and have the right equipment. Get information about weather and other conditions along the intended route. Especially in the highlands, there can still be a lot of snow in certain periods, and the weather can change very quickly.

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