Spacious mountain world, created by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, picturesque natural parks, lakes and the lively Savinja River, are a popular destination among hikers, photographers and lovers of active holidays. Hikers can choose between walking, theme, learning, mountain trails and mountain tours of different difficulty levels.

Tips for hiking in the Upper Savinja Valley and its surroundings:

  • visit Slovenian natural treasures on a thematic mountain trails of natural parks Logarska Valley, Matkov kot and Robanov kot;
  • visit the popular Okrešelj (1378 m);
  • use a cable car to get to a trail at Golte (1410 m) and to learn about rare species of Slovenian flora on the Smrekovec mountain (1577 m), the only extinct volcano in Slovenia;
  • a culinary trek between nostalgic farms along the picturesque Solčava panoramic road;
  • visit Lake-Solčava Sheep trials to Strelovec.


Mountaineering, mountains trips in the Upper Savinja Valley and its surroundings

  • during the hike to Raduho (2062) stop to view Snow Cave ice sculptures, at the highest laying cave in Slovenia, from Raduho you will witness breath-taking view of the Alps and Savinja and Šalešk Valley;
  • mountain tours of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps: Raduha (2062 m), Ojstrica (2350 m), Planjava (2394 m), Brana (2253 m), Rinka, Turska mountain (2251 m), Skuta (2532 m), Kočna (2540 m ), Krofička (2083 m);
  • admire colourful larch forests on Korošica during autumn (1803 m),
  • walks between the extensive pastures on the leafy plateau Menina Mountain (1453 m),

Hiking events in the Upper Savinja Valley

  • Hiking Festival in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps,
  • Sustainable Mobility Festival Logarska Valley (June),

Find out:

  • Maps: Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1: 50.000), Alpine mountain guide of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, local maps (TIC centers),
  • mountain huts,
  • guided tours, rental of guides

Safety first!

We recommend that you use trained guides while hiking. Make sure you are adequate psychophysicaly prepared and appropriate equipment. Get information on weather and other conditions on the intended route. When hiking or mountaineering at high altitudes there might be a lot of snow at certain periods, and the weather can change very quickly. Please check the safety tips and get more information on how to stay safe in the mountains at The Alpine Association of Slovenia. 

Information on hiking 

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