Igla (needle) is a mighty but lonely rock formation above Savinja and a natural monument of Slovenia. Did you know that 120 years ago it was the only path between Luč and Solčava?

On the regional road between Luče and Solčava, a 40 meter high rock formation called Igla (needle) rises along the Savinja river, separated from the main wall by a 2 m wide slit reminiscent needle’s hole. In addition to Igla, there is a fluctuating water spring, a natural monument, one of the most famous Slovene fluctuating springs. It works according to tension principle. You need a bit of luck and patience to see its rhythmic action. During a period of high water level, it flows evenly the flow stops.

A Girls Sawed with a Needle

There are several legends regarding the Igla’s formation. Most famous one is about a girl that was so tall, she could stand on Raduha with one leg and opposite side of Savinja river with the other. When she was sawing a shirt her needle broke against the hard fabric. She got mad and threw the needle into the valley, where it stuck into the ground and remained there to this day.  


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