Important Information for Visitors to the Upper Savinja Valley

Savinja tourism providers are once again inviting you to the Upper Savinja Valley. After the natural disaster in August, we ask you to check important information before your visit.

Road Connections and Road Conditions

Some infrastructure is damaged, so we recommend that you check the road passability at before arrival. Please, do not take side roads in areas affected by floods and refrain from visiting severely affected areas. Numerous vehicles are still on-site assisting with the restoration, so please remain patient and follow the instructions.

Accessibility of Attractions, Thematic Trails, and Activities

We recommend that you inquire at TIC centers or with providers about possibilities for visits and safe engagement in activities. It is especially important to avoid exposed areas near watercourses and ensure your safety.

Some attractions are closed or inaccessible until further notice. Likewise, not all thematic trails are passable.

Due to the condition of watercourses, activities such as rafting, kayaking, fishing, canyoning are not being conducted. Also, not all cycling and thematic trails are accessible.

Mountain Trails and Mountain Huts The Alpine Association of Slovenia is collecting and updating information about the condition of trails and the opening status of mountain huts.

Some mountain trails in the Upper Savinja Valley area are closed. They are closed due to one or more objective dangers along the route.

👉👉👉 Check the link – Condition of Mountain Trails

Please follow the advice for safe mountain visits (appropriate equipment, physical and mental preparation, caution, respect nature, inform others, and stay on marked trails).

Check THIS LINK to find out which mountain huts are open.

The mountain trail to Okrešelj is currently CLOSED due to a landslide near the Rinka waterfall.

Open Tourist Offerings

Most tourist providers are operating normally, some providers are closed until further notice.

Please inquire with the provider before arrival to see if they are operating or to obtain current information. The list is being updated, some offerings do not operate seasonally.

MORE INFORMATION: Center Rinka, +386 3 839 07 10,, TIC Martinov svet (t: +386 (0)3 891 53 77, e:, TIC Mozirje (t: +386 70 799 099, e:, TIC Nazarje (t: +386 (0)3 839 16 13, e:

From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful that with your support and help, we can look towards a better future – overcome difficult times and stand up again, even more united.

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