Jakov Fak and Slovenian athletes on Savinjska hop fields

Savinjska is also known as the valley of green gold, which boasts the only beer fountain in the world. This year, our top athletes Jakov Fak, the Prevc brothers, Marcos Tavares and many others also visited the Savinja hop fields.

From hops to beer

Beer, which is one of the world’s favorite drinks, isn’t made overnight. This time, the aspiring athletes put in the work spreading the ropes on which the hops will clime as they grow. When the hops grow from 30 to 40 cm, the winding of the shoots begins, at a height of one meter the excess shoots are removed. In the final stage, the workers take off the peaks that are bent and wind them clockwise. There is a shortage of seasonal workers this season due to the virus, so the voluntary help of our champions has come in handy. The campaign, which took place for two days on several Savinja hop fields, was organized by Pivovarna Laško Union.

Photo moments


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