Late Summer Festival

SEPTEMBER, ŠMARTNO OB PAKI – the autumn local festival brings together concerts of various musical genres, theater performances and social events at the end of the summer at Šmartno ob Paki.

Youth Center Šmartno ob Paki Late Summer Festival includes a variety of musical events covering various tastes. It is composed of six unique and interesting events, from the last weekend of August to the last weekend in September.

Local party at Šmartno ob Paki

Events taking place during the festival:

  • opening of the Late Summer Festival, Šmarje beach (workshops for children and families, swimming pools, …), barbecue, concert of Dalmatian klapa, DJ program;
  • a youth party, a joy for young people with a folk-entertainment ensemble;
  • concert by local artist,
  • theater performance,
  • folk concert by local group or artist,
  • the conclusion of the Late Summer Festival – rock concert.

Organized by: Youth Center Šmartno ob Paki

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