Leather-craft Museum of Slovenia

Šoštanj was one of the oldest leather factories in the world, which has now been turned into a museum.

In Slovenia Leather-craft has been an important industry over the centuries. It reached its peek during the first half of the 20th century while during the second half it disappeared. Museum Visitors can see most important equipment used to make leather, take a peak into the the life of the workers and follow the development of the leather industry that had a great impact on the demographics and social development of the region.  

Information – Leather-craft Museum of Slovenia:

Museum Velenje
Leather-craft Museum of Slovenia 
Primorska ulica 6h
SI-3325 Šoštanj
t: +386 (0)3 898 44 20
e: info@muzej-usnjarstva.si; www.muzej-usnjarstva.si

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