Located under the Smrekovec Volcano on the edge of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, it is known for its log diving history, the Log Diving Ball and FIS Women’s World Cup Ski Jumping championships.

From its log diving roots to today’s fishermen and top female ski jumpers

Ljubno was known for log diving. Log divers transported wood all the way to Belgrade and even further to Romania. Visit the Log Diver’s Ball anf Log Diver’s Collection and experience the past traditions.

On the edge of the Alpine foothills, on the river Savinja lies the village of Ljubno ob Savinji, where a timber store once flourished. A few years after the Second World War, Ljubno was the starting station for log diving along the Savinja River. In modern times log diving has been replaced by fishing which is increasing in popularity by more and more guests who are excited about this peaceful corner of Savinja.

Sights and tourist spots in Ljubno:

  • Interactive Log Drivers’ collection, get to know the life and work of log divers throughout history;
  • admire the karst zones, the overhanging cliffs and mountain eagles in the area of ​​the Tirske peči;
  • Radmirje’s treasury has a collection of gifts from the Austrian, Polish, French and Neapolitan dynasties, from cloaks to golden chalices and other exceptional artworks;
  • Preužitkarska hiša, a monument to generational relations in a rural environment;
  • Church of St. Jakob on the hill above the village of Okonina, first mentioned 1455;

Upper Savinja Valley has a rich religious history. Church of St. Jakoba stands in Okonina, not too far from Ljubno, first mentioned in 1455. Izjemno vrednost ima tudi bližnja Radmirje’s Treasure of Coats in its collection has baroque clothing, donated by Empress Maria Theresa the mother of King Louis XVI of France.

 Experiences in Ljubno:

Smrekovec is one of the popular trial. Once a volcano, it is an interesting place due to its biodiversity an many sources of water.  You will find a mountain lodge on top.

You will find tasty homemade food and exceptional hospitality at tourist farms in Ljubno. A great place to escape your daily routine. 

Relax and connect with nature. Stop for a few days and visit any of the accommodations that will refill you with energy. In Ljubno you can visit Herbal Glamping Ljubno (in the picture), Glamping Savinja or Naturplac Na Skali.

Events in Ljubno ob Savinji:

Cheer on our flying women during a spectacular annual ski jumping event in the fun atmosphere held on a 95 m ski jump. The event is attended by competitors from all over the wrold.

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t: +386 3 838 14 92
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