Log Driver’s Ball, Ljubno

21th July-6th August 2023, LJUBNO OB SAVINJI – Log Driver’s Ball takes place during July and August. It is one of the oldest events in Slovenia that has been taking place since 1961. It  preserves the memory and the tradition log diving on Savinja River.

Log Diving on Savinja: “Kerdej, vardahej, johi”

During the 15th and 16th century Ljubno ob Savinji has primarily lived off forestry and log diving.  Log Diving Ball is a traditional, fun, ethnological event that revives and connects these old towns of the Upper Savinja Valley. Visitors can actively participate in sports and cultural events, workshops, round tables, hiking, and enjoy music and dance evenings. 

The opening of the event, which takes place over a period of two weeks, is usually marked by the arrival of “old timers”. The event concludes with the log diving demonstration on Savinja River and baptism of a young log diver that marks the transfer of knowledge and tradition form one generation to another. You will also hear log diving jargon: kardej (start), vardahej (watch out, danger), ubavh (stop), johi (got it).

The event is attended by around 20.000 visitors.

Program_ Flosarski bal 2022

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