Logar Valley Legends

The Logar Valley is one of the best kept secrets in Slovenia and one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. When we look over Ojstrica and other two-thousand-metre mountains of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, we can feel the freedom of a mountain eagle. A fairytale path leads us among meadows and forests to one of Slovenia’s tallest waterfalls. The Solčava locals like to tell stories of their traditions while they finger knit the wool of the indigenous Jezersko-Solčava sheep. Get to know a magical place, where man and nature become the greatest of allies.

Logar Valley

From the Plesnik Hotel, the Logar Valley seems like a mirage. The endless carpet of forests and meadows leads to two-thousandmetre mountains that appear as a safe nook, where no one could find us. The ethno guide calls out that it is vital to take off our shoes and feel the earth pulse underneath our feet. A healthy snack, with our toes waving to alpine blossoms is the perfect introduction to the Solčava region’s life attuned to nature.

Rinka Waterfall

The Logar Valley opens all of our senses, we must experience it with open and closed eyes, wide nostrils and keen ears. We set out for a sensory hike through the valley. Have you ever heard the story of how the shepherd Matevž healed his ram with black resin? Our adventure reaches its climax at the Rinka Waterfall, roaring amidst the forests, emanating in a tall arch from Okrešelj, spraying our faces with a thousand droplets.

Wool Felting

It is time for an organic lunch at the Na razpotju Eco House. The presentation of the garden-toa-plate philosophy adds to the authentic culinary experience. To finish, we craft souvenirs with a master wool designer, during a workshop on wool felting. Afterwards, the ringing alpine bells, carried by cows and sheep, invite us back into the fresh air.


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