Logar Valley Trail

Logar Valley Trial is an ethnographic natural history trail. It leads through lush corners of incredibly beautiful nature featuring rich cultural heritage of Logar Valley Landscape Park

Logar Valley, a Love at First Sight 

Logar Valley Trail is an interesting trail featuring many natural and cultural sights. You will see Picturesque walls, rock boulders, Savinja’s second well, an Forest and Charcoal Burner’s Hut, a hunting lodge and the elegant Rinka waterfall. Those are just some of the sights that tell the charming story of the connection between people and nature. Especially interesting and adventurous are guided tours of the Logarska Valley, where you can immerse yourself in the legends and secrets of one of the most beautiful alpine valleys with a certified guide. 

Key Information

About a kilometer after entering the Logar Valley, there are wooden signposts on the right before crossing the bridge. For the 7 km long route you will need about 3 hours of moderate walking in one direction. You can join the trail in several places along the valley and thus shorten the trip if desired.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] STARTING POINT: Logarska dolina (750 m above sea level), Solčava. Drive to Solčava you can get there from several direction: Celje, across Kranjski Rak, Pavličevo sedlo or from Črna na Koroškem. About a kilometer behind the place where you enter Logarska dolina, you will notice wooden signposts on the right before crossing the bridge.[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] END POINT: Rinka Waterfall (1050 above sea level)[mks_icon icon=”fa-blind” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked one directional trail[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrows-v” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 300 m[mks_icon icon=”fa-clock-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] TIME: 2-3h[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color=”#79ba39″ type=”fa”] SUGGESTED EQUPMENT: hiking shoes and walking poles[mks_icon icon=”fa-cutlery” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] FOOD: Hotel Plesnik, Eko hiša Na razpotju, Kmečka hiša Ojstrica, planšarija Logarski kot,[mks_icon icon=”fa-tree” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] SIGHTS AND EXPERIENCES: Črna Spring, majestic trees, Olcarska bajta (Forest hut), Palenk waterfall, Rinka Waterfall, Rastovčki Waterfall, Sušica Waterfall, etno-fletno games, fairytale forest, Logar Stories, Logar Energy[mks_icon icon=”fa-bed” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel Plesnik, Eko hiša Na razpotju, Kmečka hiša Ojstrica, planšarija Logarski kot, Dom planincev

The locals want to preserve the beauty of the Logar Valley which bears the logo of the Slovenia Green Parks, by present sustainable way of life to visitors. There is a fee for entering the park by motor vehicle. You can park only in marked places and walk on paved paths, be considerate of animals and do not make unnecessary noise.

Additional Information – Logar Valley and Solčava

TIC Logarska dolina
Logarska dolina 9
SI-3335 Solčava
t: +386 (0)3 838 90 04
e: log.dolina@gmail.com ; www.logarska-dolina.si

TIC Solčava – Center Rinka
Solčava 29
SI-3335 Solčava
t: +386 3 839 07 10
e: info@solcavsko.info

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