Logar Valley and Regional Parks

Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe. It hides countless natural sights and is a true paradise for lovers of hiking in unspoiled nature. It is embraced by mighty two-thousanders of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and in its intimacy it impresses with the magnificent, 90 m high Rinka Falls.

You can see the waterfall on the way to Okrešelj, where sunrises are especially beautiful in the morning when the first sun rays gently strike the mountain edges. The 7 km long valley hides over 40 natural treasures and is a home to many endangered Alpine species of plants and animals. We can admire the magical nature on a naturalistic ethnographic path, and listen to the stories in the Fairy-tale Family park. Don’t forget the camera!

The most beautiful natural sights and experiences in the Logar Valley

  • Rinka Falls and Eagle Nest, a popular tourist spot,
  • Logar Valley Trail, natural-ethnological path along the Logarska valley, 
  • Waterfall Palenk and Črna spring,
  • Klemenča jama & Strelovec hike,
  • Alpine wellness,
  • hiking, mountaineering, alpinism,
  • electric bicycles rental,
  • Logar’s Linden tree, the most photographed protected Slovenian tree,
  • Fairy-tale Forest at the Crossroads pension,
  • meetings, seminars and weddings in the Logarska valley.

Entering Logar Valley 

To enter the Logar Valley Landscape Park there is a flat entry fee from April to November. Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of electric vehicles are exempted from paying the fee in the interest of promoting alternative forms of transportation and moderating motor traffic within the Logarska Valley. Visitors who are housed in tourist facilities in Solčava, pay the fee only at the first entry.

Logar valley Landscape Park has received Slovenia Green Park Certificate

Logar Valley with family 

Regional Park Robanov kot and wild valley of Matkov kot

Robanov kot and wild valley of Matkov kot have indescribably beautiful landscape, inviting every adventurer to stop at one of the farms that smell of homemade delicacies, and the view from the window removes the veils of the original landscape and really stops time and takes us far from the city bustle.

An excellent idea for a trip is a visit to the Roban farmhouse and a trip to Roban mountain. A bit more effort is required for the 30 m deep snow cave Matkov Škaf at Matkov Kot below the walls of Mrzla Gora.

Regional park Robanov Kot is an exceptional example of wild nature preservation, where walking outside the marked paths, riding with bicycles and motor vehicles are not allowed.

More information – Logarska Valley and Solčavsko

TIC Logarska dolina
Logarska dolina 9
SI-3335 Solčava
t: +386 (0)3 838 90 04
e: log.dolina@gmail.com ; www.logarska-dolina.si

TIC Solčava – Center Rinka
Solčava 29
SI-3335 Solčava
t: +386 3 839 07 10
e: info@solcavsko.info

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