The pre-Alpine village under the Mt Raduha and the Dleskovec Plateau, it is famous for its excellent cuisine, ethnologically-entertaining traditional event Luče Day and inherent wilderness of the Snow Cave.

Along the Savinja River, beneath the famous Raduha and the Dleskovec Plateau, there is a small village, which has been named the most beautiful place in Slovenia on several occasions. In 2019, Luče joined the international network of Mountaineering Villages, which connects Alpine tourist sites, committed to respecting the mountaineering tradition and the sustainable development of tourism.

Caring for tradition and preservation of flavours

In Luče you will exepreince a sense of the past with in its renovated farm houses, sawmills and other ethnological attractions, that Lučans are very proud of. They also devote extraordinary care towards preservation of the culinary traditions which are mixed with fresh ideas and often placed on the top of the Slovenian culinary map. Would mix in with the locals at the biggest municipal holiday? Come to the traditional Luče’s Day, a remarkable event that exacerbates the atmosphere of a small tourist village on the threshold of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps every August.

Attractions and tourist points in Luče and its surroundings:

  • Snow Cave;
  • Juvan’s House visit the oldest preserved house from the 18th century, which was declared a cultural monument;
  • visit Rep Waterfall & the Žager’s Mill, the operating water mill in the upper part of the Savinja Valley from the time of Maria Theresa;
  • check how the famous Igla and the freshwater spring, a natural monument in the narrowest part of the Savinja gorge, were created.
  • refresh yourself in the wilderness of the glacier in the Lučka Bela valley.

Experiences in Luče:

  • water sports: kayaking, rafting on Savinja;
  • fishing at Savinja river;
  • canyoning, waterfall Cuc;
  • mountaineering and cycling (Mt Raduha, circular mountain tour Ravne- Dolga trata)
  • visit of tourist farms and try local cuisine;
  • winter experiences: skiing.

Information about Luče and its surroundings:

TIC Luče

Luče 106
SI- 3334 Luče
t: +386 3 839 35 55

Prelistajte publikacije o Lučah:

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