Matkov kot and Matkov škaf

One of the quietest corners of the Savinja valley is hidden under the walls of Mrzle gore, where every year the waterfall creates an 30m deep snow mound Matkov Škaf.

Wild alpine valley

A quiet, 6 km long glacial valley embraced by Kamnik-Savinja Alps, right next to the border with Austria and the Logarska Valley, is accessible by a forest road that links rare solitary farms. Wild alpine ambiance created by the scent of the spruce forests and steep two-thousanders, attracts visitors with the adventurous spirit.

Matkov škaf

Above Matkov kot there is a natural monument Matkov Škaf, up to 30m deep and 15m wide snow mound, which is formed in the thick slopes of snowy avalanches under the walls of Mrzle gore. Mounting snow is also fed by the stream Jezero, which is one of the sources of the river Savinja. To reach Matkov Škaf there is a marked mountain path from which you can see Matkovo okno, an oval rocky opening 15m by 8 m.

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