Menina Mountain

Menina Mountain is a vast and karstic pre-alpine plateau and a popular hiking spot. The picturesque Menina Mountain plateau is one of the most interesting natural beauties of Slovenia. It is adorned with a rich forest reserve with more than 100 years old trees, dreamy pastures, karst caves and microclimatic features. The views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are especially beautiful, and the mysterious Jespa Cave is extremely interesting.

Jespa Cave, Lake Biba and the Karst World above Gornji Grad

Menina Mountain is adorned with many karst specialties such as sinkholes, cauldrons, karst caves and pools. One of the most interesting attractions is the natural monument Jespa, a 30-meter-deep karst landslide cave located not far from Menina Mountain Lodge (Dom na Menini planini). The entrance to the ice cave, where snow can remain all year round, is at the bottom of a deep landslide featuring a demanding trail . When descending a decrease in temperature is clearly felt, and the view features ice pillars on the southern part of the wall. It is a fantastic idea for summer adventure! The cave is also inhabited by a very special speices, ie. cave beetle Nebria germari. Biba is a shallow lake of dark colors, is protected as a natural monument. The bottom of the pond is impermeable and swampy.


Lively Pastures and Dreamy Grasslands 

Menina planina is accessible from many sides, and the macadam path is also suitable for families with wheelchairs and a cycling trip. A very special experience is observing grazing animals that will keep you company at the top of the mountain, or getting to know rare alpine flowers.

Menina Mountain – Key Information

There are several paths to Menina Mountain. From the valley, the paths are much longer and therefore more demanding. You can also choose easier hiking trails that lead along the top of the mountain and are also suitable for families. Access by car is possible all the way to Menina Mountain Lodge (Dom na Menini planini).

EASY ROUTES THROUGH MENINA MOUNTAIN The highest peak of the plateau is Vivodnik (1,508 m above sea level), featuring a lookout tower. It is a 15-minute walk from Menina Mountain Lodge (Dom na Menini planini). As interesting are Špic (1,499 m)  in the immediate vicinity of Menina Mountain Lodge (10 min). Goli vrh (1,420 m), with a longer easy marked path (1 h 15 min) and a shorter easy unmarked path (45 min). All routes are easy and suitable for small children.


STARTING POINT : Gornji Grad (436 mnm), parking by the bus station

[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-checkered” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] END POINT: Menina Mountain Lodge (Dom na Menini planini) (1.453 mnm)

DIFIICULTY: easy marked trail


ESTIMEATED WALKING TIME: 3 h single direction

CULINARY OPPORTUNITIES ALONG THE WAY: Menina Mountain Lodge (Dom na Menini planini)

PLACES TO SEE / VISIT: Gornji Grad Cathedral, muzeum Štekl, ice cave Jespa; 5 Senses, 2 Women, 1 Herbal Garden = 5* Experience

ACCOMODATIONS: Gostišče Trobej 


TIC Gornji Grad Attemsov trg 2 SI- 3342 Gornji Grad t: +386 3 839 18 50 e:

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