Mountain Lodge Andrejev dom na Slemenu

A warm and homely mountain lodge on the sunny side of Sleme overlooking the Savinja Valley.


Šentvid pri Zavodnju 6, 3325 Šoštanj
Rajko Videnšek, Darinka Jazbec
m: 00386 (0)31 766 704
m: 00386 (0)31 382 381


The lodge is situated on he north-eastern, sunny side of the Sleme’s peak (1167 m), connecting the Uršlja gora with Smrekovec. It is cared for by pleasant caretakers that created a small handy library right in the lodge. Excellent food is always available. The lodge is accessible by car and there are many hiking and cycling trials in the area.


  • Rooms: 2x double beds, 1x four beds, 1x five beds, 2x six beds, 1x eight beds
  • Beds: 30 beds
  • Canteen: seats 90 in two rooms (small 30 / large 60)
  • Additional Offer: family events, picnics, dinners, parties


using regional road Šoštanj-Črna na Koroškem, to Spodnje Sleme, to the lodge  500 m. Access by foot:

  • local road from Šoštanj through Napočke pečine: 1 h 30 min;
  • local forest trail from Ravne na Koroškem, pass Skiing Lodge and mountain lodge on Naravskih ledinah to the parking lot Pod Malim vrhom, pass the lodge on Uršlja mountain: 2 h 30 min;
  • from Slovenj Gradec, on SPPpass Poštareski dom under Plešivec and lodge on Uršlja mountain: 6 h;
  • from Prevalj, through Leše pass the lodge on Uršlja mountain: 6 h;
  • from Mežice, pass sv. Lenarta and the lodge on Uršlja mountain: 6 h 30 min;
  • via local road Mežica-Črna na Koroškem, from Žerjava ob Jazbinškem potoku to Krstavčnik homestead, pass lodge on Naravskih ledinah and the lodge on Uršlja mountain: 5 h;
  • from Ljubno ob Savinji, over Golte and pass the Mountain Lodge Smrekovec: 8 h;
  • via local lodge from Mozirje to the Mountain Lodge Mozirje, pass the Mountain Lodge Smrekovec: 5 h.


Smrekovec (1577m), Uršlja mountain (1699m), Lodge on Naravskih ledinah (1072m)


summer time: 8.00 – 22.00 (closed on Monday)
winter time: 8.00 – 19.00 (closed on Monday)



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