Mountain trail on St. Primož

St. Primož trial is one of the most liked and walked on trails in Savinja.

The trial is marked and has a steep climb through the forest by a scenic farm on Sedlo until you reach the church on Rosulje where you can take a rest on one of the benches.

The bench offers a place to rest and beautiful views of the valley and Landscape Park Golte. You opt to walk further up, to the viewpoint at Golobst farm and return to the center of Ljubno via macadam road that goes by the Detmer farm.

You can further extend the trail to the Koča na Travniku, fallow the markings and properly prepare for the trek. You will need food and water as the walk takes around 3.5h to complete in one direction.

Key Information 

Shorter trail to St. Primož 

[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] STARTING POINT AND ACCESS:): Ljubno ob Savinji – TIC and Logdriving Collection (Flosarska zbirka) [mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] END POINT: Church of St. Primož and Felicijan (880 m)[mks_icon icon = “fa-blind” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked trail[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrows-v” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 460 m[mks_icon icon = “fa-clock-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] TIME: 2 hours (1 hour one way), 10 km[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color = “# 79ba39” type = “fa”] RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: sports equipment, hiking shoes, water[mks_icon icon = “fa-cutlery” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] FOOD: Gostišče in pizzeria “Pri Kumru”[mks_icon icon = “fa-tree” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] SIGHTS: viewpoints[mks_icon icon = “fa-bed” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Planinka, Apartments Povh


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