The former Roman settlement along the Savinja River with an idyllic colourful flower park Mozirski gaj. Mozirje also comes to life in winter, when numerous ski slope lovers leave for the Golte ski slopes.

Experience the flowers

Mozirski gaj is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Upper Savinja Valley. It is interesting during all seasons, even in winter when it is decorated with a million lights for a Christmas Fairy-tale.

If you want to experience flowers, Mozirje is the right choice for your vacation. A former wild landfill, was transformed by hardworking locals into a flower park Mozirski gaj that is now part of the ethnological heritage. During the festive moth of December is lit up in a hive of countless lights. In the summer, you can hike little higher and visit Alpine Garden on Golte where you can see more than 100 species of alpine plants. All these colourful plants, would not exist without diligent bees, which pay special attention to Mozirje.

The town centre is also marked by the magnificent buildings, each of which tells its story.

Attractions and tourist points in Mozirje:

  • find inspiration, see flower park Mozirski gaj along the Savinja river;
  • visit the Alpine Garden at Golte;
  • get to know the stories of old houses in Mozirje;
  • Take time and admire the Tire stoves, high steep walls with thermophilic flora and shelters for mountain eagles.

Take a look at the exhibition that showcases the past traditions, lives, industry, clothes and church customs of Mozirje.

Experiences in Mozirje:

  • skiing, surfing and sledding at Golte Mountain Centre;
  • hiking trails (Golte’s Path, demanding beekeeping path);
  • tandem paragliding;
  • fishing;
  • Relax and visit a spa.

Golte is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Slovenia. Hotel Golte**** also offers a wellness program that goes perfectly with your ski adventures.

Mozirje from Air

Events in Mozirje:

  • Mozirje’s Pust, traditional carnival show;
  • Shepherd’s Celebrations in Šmihel
  • Golte trail,
  • Savinja Marathon

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