Museum’s collection Mozirje in Mozirjani and the permanent collection of Aleksander Videčnik present the past life of people in Upper Savinja Velley. Mozirje is first mentioned as a square in the year 1318. In the year 1581 it is given special rights and a coat of arms. With the special app you can experience Flowering Mozirje and interesting stories told with the help of Gaja the bee. She will take you from a house to house. One of the points along the journey is also the Museum’s collection.  

Craftsmen and artisans

Over time, Mozirje has developed into a craft center. The business flourished for innkeepers and merchants, especially during fairs, when many sellers and buyers came to Mozirje.

Many old photographs, documents and interesting objects tell stories about:

  • how people of Mozirje and the area lived and dressed;
  • market administration;
  • religious life;
  • First World War;
  • crafts, economy, and education;
  • culture and sports.

The special feature of the collection is that most of the exhibits were donated by the locals themselves. They made a significant contribution to the cultural offer with the donations.  

360 degree photographs

Photograph 1

Photograph 2

Photograph 3

Photograph 4

Photograph 5

Aleksander Videčnik Collection

Aleksander Videčnik Collection features old documents, bill notes, prayer books, Mohor’s Family book, Cankar’s works published by Lavoslav Schwentner, books describing Upper Savinja Valley, and Videčnik’s diary and other works.

Hours – Collection Mozirje and Mozirjani

  • Tuesday, Thursday: 9 – 12 ure,
  • Wednesday, Friday: 15 – 18 ure,
  • Monday, CLOSED,
  • for groups: by arrangement.

Price – Collection Mozirje and Mozirjani

  • adult: 2,50 €
  • youth: 1,50 €
  • groups: 2,00 €
  • To arrange a guided tour for groups, please call or write an email.

Information and reservations

t: +386 3 839 46 99 , +386 3 837 01 80