Mozirski Gaj Flower Park

If you are looking for a corner for inspiration and relaxation, the Mozirski gaj Flower Park near Savinja river is the right choice. You will be enchanted with colourful billets and imaginative exhibitions. Romantic atmosphere is a dream paradise for weddings and “fateful” yes.

A corner of inspiration

Hardworking villagers, with the help from Slovenian gardeners, turned wild garbage dump into a flower garden, which today is a popular tourist spot. Cared for greenery, colourful flower beds, well-kept shrubs and ethnological objects are a true pasture for the eyes and soul.

View beams of Mozirje’s tulips, herbal Japanese garden, walk along tree lines, walk through the granaries, by water mills, rustic houses, blacksmiths, hayracks and other traditional buildings of the Savinjska Valley. The park is open from spring to autumn, at the entrance you will pay an entry fee.

The park organizes numerous events, guided tours, tours for school groups and weddings. Mozirski gaj is also interesting for fishermen who can be enthusiastic about many autochthonous fish species and beekeepers, which in Mozirje are responsible for more than 800 bee families.

The granary is an important part of the Upper Savinja ethnological heritage (photo: Mozirski gaj).

Mozirski gaj is a kind of outdoor museum. In the past crops and livestock products were stored here. Traditionally the granary was a mirror of the farm, so women often decorated them with flowers.

Mozirski gaj every autumn hosts a state competition for the largest pumpkin show in Slovenia. The giants of the giants are a great attraction for visitors, some weighing in at more than 600 kg.

April in the Mozirski gaj is usually marked in the form of various types of tulips. In addition to flower beds, the mood is also supplemented by traditional events such as, for example, Exhibition of exotic reptiles.

The Enchanting Garden is intended for the youngest visitors of the mozirski gaj. The magical world of fantasies invites you to explore unique fairy-tale houses that create a friendly village within the park.

During winter, Mozirski gaj is illuminated by more than a million lights that that are shaped in different figures. The fairy-tale mood during December  is accompanying by a rich varied program that children will also enjoy. The Christmas Fairy Tale of Slovenia is one of the most beautiful advent events in Slovenia.

Christmas Fairy Tale of Slovenia, creates a magical environment that is visited every year by magical fairies and generous Santa Claus. Idyllic environment for sipping cooked wine and enjoyment in winter nature.

Access to Mozirski gaj:

Mozirski gaj stretches more than seven acres and covers large area on the right bank of the Savinja River, just next to Mozirje. Immediately after the main roundabout in the village of Mozirje turn left, if arriving from Šentrupert.

Information – Mozirski gaj:

Mozirski gaj – park cvetja
Hribernikova 1
SI- 3300 Mozirje
t: +386 (0)3 583 27 19

GPS koordinate: 46º20’23.76” N 14º57’39.56” E

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