Forest Trail Tičjak

A walk along the Tičjak nature trail will surprise you.

You will experience a special atmosphere as you move into and get embraced by the forest. Positive energy will take over your senses. The trial leads along an uninhabited, forested hill. This hill used to be the part of the ancient fort – community, where the ancestors took part in religious rituals.

The Tičjak circular path connects 11 information boards about forestry and nature conservation. Here you can genuinely re-connection with nature. Indulge and experience nature as our ancestors once knew it. Clean, calm, and liberating.

Key information

[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] STARTING POINT AND ACCESS: Municipality of Gornji Grad, Kocbekova cesta 23, [mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] END POINT: Municipality of Gornji Grad, Kocbekova cesta 23, [mks_icon icon = “fa-blind” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked circular path with  information boards[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrows-v” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 92 m[mks_icon icon = “fa-clock-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] TIME: 40 minutes[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color = “# 79ba39” type = “fa”] RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: lightweight sports footwear, rain boots in case of rain[mks_icon icon = “fa-tree” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] SIGHTS: Contemporary nature conservation topics with an emphasis on forestry intertwined with ancestral nature. Gornji Grad Cathedral is also nearby.

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Savinjsko gozdarsko društvo

Zavod za gozdove Slovenije – Območna enota Nazarje

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