Is a small town at the confluence of Dreta and Savinja rivers. It will impress you with its castle, Franciscan Monastery and long woodworking tradition.

Museum of Forestry and Woodworking is located in renovated Verbovec Castle. It is open to individual visitors and is often visited by schools and other groups. The region still preserves the woodworking tradition, that has left a lasting influence throughout the Upper Savinja Valley.

Spiritual Beauty

In addition to woodworking, there is also a strong spiritual tradition. Nearby there is the Franciscan Monastery with an exceptional library that boasts some rare exhibits: handwritten manuscripts from the 11th and 12th centuries, gospel translations by Primož Trubar from 1557 and two Dalmatian Bibles dating from 1584. Not far from the monastery dwell, poor, reclusive, sisters of the clergy, who sing praises to God every day and night and pray for the blessing for their brothers and sisters. A visit to the monastery and the library can be arranged in advance at the Museum of Forestry and Woodworking.

Cultural sights can be viewed within the framework of the science-cultural educational path.

Listen to the past. At the confluence of the Savinja and Dreta rivers lies the Vrbovec Castle that is over 750 years old. It houses a Museum of Forestry and Woodworking. There is also a Franciscan Monastery with a rich library that holds texts written in the 11th century and onwards.

Tourist attractions in Nazarje:

  • Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, Vrbovec Castle,
  • Franciscan Monastery and library,
  • visit the sisters of the clergy,
  • Tominšek granary, one of the oldest preserved granaries in Slovenia,
  • Bohač’s toplar, a double hayrack, an important cultural monument in the Upper Savinja Valley.

A double hayrack built in 1874, is a unique architectural feature of Upper Savinja Valley. Take a look at a permanent exhibition, a crafts gallery and a modern farmer’s market.

Nazarje from Air

Experiences in Nazarje:

Information – Nazarje:

Museum of Forestry and Woodworking
Savinjska c. 4
SI-3331 Nazarje
t: +386 3 839 16 13, +386 40 34 56 30


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