Notice – Fishing Prohibited Due to Drought

Prohibition of Fishing and Other Activities in Upper Savinja Area

Due to low water levels and higher water temperatures Fishing Club Ljubno in cooperation with other Fishing Clubs of Savinja has made a decision to prohibit fishing from 21st of July until further notice to all members and guests alike. Sales of fishing permits have been halted as well.  (more details in Slovenian)

We can all contribute something to preserve our waterways

We want Savinjska to maintain a green, sustainable heart, so we kindly ask all visitors not to:

  • carry out any sports activities on Savinja watercourse,
  • bathe in the Savinja River.

The notice is in effect until conditions normalize.

Low water levels in combination with the heatwave brought the water’s temperature and oxygen levels to a point where aquatic organisms are fighting for bare survival making any disturbance disastrous. Compliance with the recommendations will be carried out by the security officers from the Joint Municipal Administration of the SAŠA region, the police from  Mozirje and the Fishing Club Ljubno guards.

We kindly ask for your cooperation. 

(Source: RD Ljubno ob Savinji)

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