Palm Sunday

24th March 2024, Ljubno, falls on the Sunday before Easter –  a show of Palm Sunday.

In Ljubno ob Savinji, before the parish church “Poticas” are blessed during the Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday and Ljubno’s Poticas are part of local’s connection to faith, forestry and farm work.

Ljubno’s Potice are a part of Slovenian cultural heritage

Ljubno’s Potice got their name from butar (butar is a bundle of short-cut branches for fire, often of beech wood). Potice where made from high quality bread and pastries. Towards the end of 19th century men in Ljubno started to compete who will bring the biggest heaviest Potica during Palm Sunday. Because Jože Poličnik was not the strongest man around compared to his peers, he decided that since he could not make the biggest Potica, he would make the most beautiful one. Thus, in 1887, in order to consecrate to the flower Sunday, instead of the usual he brought a potica in the shape of the carpenter’s graters. Since then, the idea has remained, but the motives have changed.

Figural unique handicraft products are the most important component of local identity and are tied to the history of log diving.

It has always been true that the real Ljubno’s potica are those made home from natural spring materials such as fresh greenery, bark, shoots and fruits. Makers today also use machines in domestic workshops, which has usually brought about a touch of modernity, but at the same time have introduced greater possibilities for creativity and more complex end-products.

Visit the Collection of Palm Sunday bunches in Ljubno & Log Driver’s Collection


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