Planinka Restaurant

Inspiration and the ingredients for the Planinka Restaurant menu come from the local environment. They are selected with care with sustainable development in mind with respect for the local tradition.


Planinka Restaurant
Plac 7
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
m: +386 (0)31 327 597

The ultimate gourmet experience in the Upper Savinjska Valley.

If you enjoy learning about the world through local cuisine, treat yourself to a visit to the Planinka Restaurant. Chef Luka Peternel, who swears by local ingredients and genuine creativity, will impresses with his creations. Allow yourself be carried away into the world of selected Slovenian delicacies and gastronomic masterpieces. At the same time, discover famous Slovenian and foreign wines in the wine cellar. Experience original cuisine among the Alpine peaks, where nature and culture come together on plates. We invite you to a new culinary experience accompanied by excellent wines.

Wine Cellar

Here you will find a great selection of local and imported wines. Each bottle of wine is a story in itself that will perfectly complement the culinary delights.

What to Taste?

Terrine Trout with celery, radish, guacamole, pickled red onion, yogurt and almonds

This is just one of the many delicious creations that await you. Also try:
Beetroot with fermented herbal curd, mango caviar, pickled beetroot and beetroot powder.
Homemade Žlinkorfi (a local specialty) with smoked meat, apple sauce with horseradish and crackers.
Rabbit fillet, white wine sauce, pumpkin cream, porcini mushrooms, quinoa popcorn and pistachio paste.
Zander fillet, sour cream sauce with caviar, and pumpkin štrukelj (another local specialty).
Apple blossom with vanilla cream.

Fishing, Hiking and Log Driving Heritage

You can combine a visit to the restaurant with interesting activities in the surrounding area. Not far away is the picturesque Logarska Velley. Don’t forget your hiking shoes and visit Smrekovec, which belongs to the NATURA 2000 area. Go to Path along the Savinja River or  St. Primož above Ljubno, see Radmirje Treasury and Log Driver’s Collection, which represents an important tradition of the area. In winter, don’t miss the traditional FIS Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup.

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